Clase de Arte

Our art class included children aged 12 – 16 and are who were often experiencing complex emotional & domestic issues. Through activities that strayed away from rulers & erasers,  we were trying to help them find a space where they could freely express themselves.

Here were the ‘rules’ of the class:

  1. No borradors/ no erasers
  2. No hay reglas/ no rulers
  3. Los errors de arte no existen/ ‘Mistakes’ don’t exist in art
  4. Aceptan y respectan los ideas y creaciones de los otros estudiantes y dan critica constructiva / Respect others ideas and creations and give constructive criticism

Working on the ink blots, Pollock inspired & collage classes:

Some ideas for sketchbook exercises in Spanish:

Tarea de Arte – Sketchbook Actividades

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