El Viaje / The Journey

Our team recruited a volunteer from Uruguay who came with a professional camera and a script written for SKIP’s media class. Over only four classes, but two full days, we filmed the 10 minute video and students were able to gain hands-on experience in using the camera and setting up audio. The change in confidence and demeanour in our two main actors was incredible to see. A couple months later the film was screened at our photography show and their peers and families were all witness to their incredible efforts.

The story, ‘El Viaje/The Journey’ is essentially about “how the material value of things is meaningless if we can’t find value in the immaterial: friendship, family, dreams, the details and adventure in living… [and] to show the rest of the world that following your dreams is a universal ideal, that finding and keeping a treasure depends on the person that finds it and how he or she uses it.”

This is our lead actress filming. She told me that when she was younger she’d wanted to be an actress but used to be really shy. She now wants to be an engineer and is graduating from SKIP this year.



Our lead actor is also graduating from SKIP this year. He doesn’t have plans to go to University but asked me lots of questions about how to continue studying photography. His family makes shoes like many families in El Porvenir and he sees photography as a fun way to relax and do something different.



Taus on the big screen under the full moon at our exposition:

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