IdeaBook & Fundraising Ideas

Norwich, 2013

After the end of a year of working with Read International (a UK based charity that aims to improve access to education in East Africa by renovating school libraries and providing educational materials) as the Fundraising project leader, I wanted to make sure that our learning that year wasn’t lost so I put together this IdeaBook for future Read leaders.

If you’re interested in other fundraising ideas, here’s a pdf, A-Z Fundraiser Ideas that I found helpful.

And some great tips from read on how to be an awesome facilitator

Here’s an excerpt from our Book:

So why create the IdeaBook? Well, a lot of things and events that we wanted to do, we discovered too late. As the many, many University based campaigns and groups gain momentum throughout the year, these pointers will help to give you a bit of an edge and will hopefully make the UEA Book Projects better year after year.

I was in charge of fundraising and you can find a bunch of ideas inside. Here are a few of my favourites:


Raffles at Society Events

  • Basics:
    • As soon as the end of term is near, get in touch with society committees or school societies that are putting on end of term balls/galas.
  • Date to Start Asking Questions:
    • Start collecting raffle prizes from local businesses at least a month before the raffle so that you’ll have a good selection. Advertise on campus about the raffle and make sure that the Society talks it up to their members as one of the highlights of the evening.
  • The night of:
    don’t worry about taking too long to start the raffle. Sometimes most guests won’t show up until later in the night or after the formal dinner. Wait it out so you can make the most of the ticket sales.
  • Resources:
    • Print off letters of endorsement from Read to take and drop off at local businesses. Local companies are more likely to donate because they have fewer restrictions. Be polite and remember to send thank you letters.
    • In the UEA Book Project 2012 folder: Fundraising Authorization Letter to take with you when talking to local businesses

380871_10150380238537194_639352193_8369225_1114909146_nWaffle Sales

  • You can rent a waffle iron and as long as you follow the hygiene sheet from the Union, you’re good to go. Great as winter comes around. Begin this trend before everyone else does!
  • Resource:
  • Waffle iron and toppings. Leaflets with updates on the next meeting, how to get involved, etc.



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