Sceno: Media Workshops

As part of our summer roster of activities for Svitac, I developed a short curriculum of workshops called Exploring our Community, Understanding Ourselves based around this idea:

Emerging from a landscape where nothing exists but where anything is possible; participants explore their identity and perceptions, colouring the world around them with endless possibility and imagination.

The sessions followed this basic outline:

  • Introductions & Inner Character Exploration / Body Mapping
  • Using ‘Found’ Landscapes to Explore Spaces / Community Mapping
  • Creating Short Narrative Scenes / Fluxus
  • Creating Fun ‘Guerrilla’ Scenes/The community as a performance space

Flyers made to advertise the weekly class:


Images from some of the workshops:


Some great resources for learning more:

“Participatory Video Exercises” from InsightShare

“The Fluxus Performance Workbook”

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