Foto Exposition: Miradas de El Porvenir

“La esencia de esta exposición, “Miradas de El Porvenir,” es la capacidad de los alumnos y alumnas de emplear el arte como plataforma para compartir sus perspectivas de vida, y utilizar nuevas herramientas para contemplar el mundo.”

The images created by this group of 13 to 17 year olds shows us that photography can be used as a key tool to enable personal and artistic expression, and demonstrates how our students have learned to critically and artistically express their own conceptual vision of their community, their families, and their personal perspectives and realities as the artists of their own incredible lives.


I was so proud of this event! The idea was to celebrate and show off all the hard work and creativity that our students had expressed in our 9 months together.

The two weeks prior we spent designing the event space, selecting and editing student work and the ‘making-of’ photographs from all our projects. The day before I’d cut and glued all 64 of the photographs, prepping them to be hung and that night we were given access to the space.

The night of the inauguration, we went to El Porvenir (the community SKIP works with) in a bus that the UPAO also kindly lent us to pick up the students and their families. 49 people had signed up and they were all present and waiting. When we arrived the volunteers created a tunnel and the families were greeted with smiles, clapping and cheers.

We’d organized it so that presentations from our Program Coordinator were given first with our hosts, the Alianza Francesa, then Patricia and I introduced the project and gave thanks. Everyone was seated and watched the premiere of ‘El Viaje’ and afterwards were served snacks. At point we invited our students on stage and gave them photographs of their murals and their personal portraits. Everyone’s energy, during and afterwards was incredible. The room was full of smiles.




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